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Trekking in Nepal provides the trekkers to experience the wonderful views of high hills and snow -capped mountains. Similarly Trekking at the low lands of Nepal will provides you to enjoy the beautiful views of the forest, flora and fauna local settlements, their life styles, culture and traditions. Trekking in Nepal promises views of landscapes, massive snow-capped mountain peaks, Amazing glaciers, lakes, Gorge, rivers and rivulets, various flora and fauna, Bird Watching and many more outdoor Activities.

A remote and unique trekking is known as the Manaslu Circuit trek in Nepal. This trek is a wonderful blend of natural beauty as well as the culture of Nepal. It is also one of the challenging, magical, and most adventurous treks in Nepal. Manaslu Trek there will provide a view of the adventures with a tremendous day variety of natural beauty. Manaslu trek offers a unique opportunity to experiences an excellent view of this region and super beauty along the border of Nepal.

Manaslu, the eighth highest snow-capped peak of the world is situated in one of the most remote places in Nepal Himalaya. The Manaslu Circuit Trek presents hikers a life-long experience of adventure. Hiking trail through the ancient salt route. This trek led by numerous iconic suspension bridges. Despite of its low popularity, hiker who embark this trip pompously praise it as one the most beautiful places on earth. Natural magical waterfalls, dramatic landscapes, iconic landmarks, Buddhist monasteries and scenic beauty of 10 different peaks above the height of 5106 meter offered by this circuit, leaves other popular treks in Nepal far behind. You can expect to walk at an average of 7-8 hours in the Himalayan foothills of bordering of Tibet. Most common to other prominent treks in Nepal. En route, the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley Trek is We can do if you have a time of 3 weeks. Let’s open the link above you have more information.

The panoramic view of mountains accompanied by natural attractive terrain, unique settlements and villages in the Manaslu circuit trek. Trek is unforgettable and it creates some different image in the mind of visitors. It has in-depth sort of attitudinal and climatic variations. Manaslu Trekking gives a high quality and numerous habitats for a vital kind of flora and fauna. The journey of Manaslu region legendary mountains is enjoyable and difficult. Trek to Manaslu Conservation is less crowded.

Similar to other trekking destination in Nepal you need a valid government issued trekking permit for this mesmerizing trek. We highly recommend you to contact your tour operator before setting up for the journey.

Manaslu circuit trek is outstanding to take view of Buddhist monuments and rural villages with spectacular mountains. It is far less crowded than the well-known Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna circuit Trek. The trek is wild and remote, yet there is a tea house at the everyday stage, so trekkers don’t need to bring tents and food which makes the trip accessible and affordable, enjoyable.

The Manaslu Circuit trek is restricted area of Nepal. Ace vision Treks & Tours is your Adventure outdoor travel partner based in Kathmandu Nepal. We always made your holiday best, hiking experience in a lifetime. Contact us for any backpacking activities according to your time frame and interest. As well as, We made your holiday unforgettable travel experience in Himalaya.

Manaslu Circuit Trek.

8 thoughts on “Manaslu Circuit Trek || Ace Vision Treks

  1. I have had quite few opportunities to feel this strange beauty of the Himalayas. With the cold breeze in your face, you just get lost in an artistic trance.
    Th a k you so much for sharing this, oh how I wish to accompany you!


  2. This is tremendous. What I have heard from others is that the Everest Base Camp has gotten so so crowded. Plus you also mentioned this here. The remoteness of Manaslu sounds very appealing. Thank you for sharing! ⛰


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