Island Peak climbing

“Nepal is known as Himalayan Kingdom. Your Holidays… Our plans… let’s Keep & Touch with us. We make your Holiday Unforgettable and Memorable.”

Spend 15 years as Himalayan Guide has owned travel Company, Which is Called Ace vision Treks & Tours. Travel trade organizations and the Nepal government have urged tourists worldwide to help the Nepalese people recover from this disaster by engaging in commerce there and, with tour operators, travel agencies giving amazing Things to do, so it’s as good a time as any. Still need convincing? Here’s why Nepal’s perfect for your next escape.

Ace vision Treks & Tours   love a good deal and Nepal traveler’s dream destination. In Thamel, Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu, shoppers can feel right at home throwing money around on items like souvenirs, clothing, music, trekking gear, pashmina textiles, fresh vegetables and fruits, and delectable pastries, as deflated prices combined with a weak currency make Nepal a must-visit for the bargain-loving shopaholic. With numerous to attract visitors to Nepal, it’s even easier to find the right deals on transportation, accommodation and outdoor activities for your travel plans.

Nepal is home to 8 out of 14 highest peaks in world going over 8,000 meters, numerous other mountains in the Himalayan region draw a large number of climbers every year because climbing them is equally demanding, and equally adventurous. Just like the legendary 8-thousand, these lesser mountains give a good test to the skills and acumen of the Mountaineers. Island Peak is definitely one of them, and this peak climb is also done for the practice of mountaineering skills and acclimatization as a prelude to the Everest expedition. Island Peak Climbing (expedition) (6189 m) in the famous Everest region is very famous mountaineering expeditions in Nepal.

Our Journeys start with a short domestic flight through a very charming aerial mountain route to Lukla. Then head towards to Island Peak in the route Everest as far as Everest Base Camp. We have also set aside days for acclimatization. Once we reach the Island Peak Base Camp, it is possible to stand atop the summit in about 2 days. While some set up a high camp and proceed towards the summit, others spend two nights at the base camp and reach the summit in a single attempt. Depending on weather condition and other factors, your guide will choose the best alternative for you.

Ace Vision Nepal’s itinerary for Island Peak expedition does not just take you to the top of this mountain from where you will enjoy a heavenly panorama of Himalayan peaks and other Snowcapped Peaks , it also helps you collect the intimate experience of the Sherpa, their culture, and lifestyle. Khumbu region is also familiar as the Everest region. It is the original settlement of Sherpa in Nepal; who have now earned a worldwide repute as the most hospitable people and the most reliable climbing guides. Our 19-day itinerary comes through by the Ace Vision Nepal combined riches of climbing and trekking. And you also get to know about Everest local lifestyle experience.

We are rising as this first sun’s Rays. Our Service always customize, Hundreds of our Clint’s are 100% satisfied. Let us know for Customized trips.

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